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Reviews for "Amberial"

Great game only wish there was more

This game was pretty neat and original. It was going back through the levels trying to find/get the Ace in each and the bonus levels were awesome. I loved the last level, where you had to outrace the laser beam to the end.

Make a sequel with more levels and more bonus levels.

10 out of 10

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you! i will!


This game is wonderful! It's original, it's simple!

... although it was too easy... add expert mode or more difficult level.

Oddgoo responds:

I will in the sequel ! thank youu!


loved it but i think that bonus lv3 and bonus level should be switched around because lv2 was harder cause it took me about ten tries to beat lv2 once and i beat lv3 on the first try other than that it is awsome

A few suggestions.

Just had to log in and review this one. I really like, the grades i gave to all the stuff like Graphics, Style, etc dont really matter, cause a game like this is way beyond those attributes. This game is about addiction, and believe me, i spent my finest 20 mins (on newgrounds ofc, i do better on other things ^^) playing this game. The only real suggestiong i got give, is to make it a) bigger or b) harder. I really expected more from the last levels, werent that hard, and really should be, so i could spent hours and hours thinking on how to beat it.

You could make us spend lives whenever we blast, and whenever a life is lost we couldnt try that level again until we have enough credits for it (credits would come from passing other levels, higher levels would give more credits) I dont know really, not the expert here. But really, consider making a second one, a harder one, a longer one.

Keep up the great work mate ;)

Oddgoo responds:

Thank you !

This is a great game.

It was fun, inovative, on a sense weird, and just plain cool.

Just a few suggestions:
1) More Levels: It took me 3 days to beat it, but i still wanted more.
2) A few graphics tweaks, nothing big just a few tweaks to make it look nice, but i do like the look of it.
3) More channelges, or at least resue them, the crystal one was really fun, and i wanted to see it again.
4)Create a ball, basicly what would be cool is adding some RPG elements to it, different colors, and stat points just to make it more interactive.
5)More gravity stuff like in the bonus lvl and add some underwater stuff, every one like underwater stuff.

Other than that really minor stuff it is a great game, good job.