Reviews for "Antbuster"


this is SOOOO hard at the high levels, the cost gets so high, and the ants somehow can survive everything you can throw at them...
i like this game. ill be playing this again.

for anyone who wants to know, i got to lv 89, i did this by using only lightning cannons, and placing them strategically. this knowledge is now yours. enjoy

where is a little kid with a magnifying glass when you need him?

this sucks its to easy

i got to lvl 44 without even trying i threw down cannons randomly and upgraded when i could i didnt even have to stay on this window. it is one of the easiest games ever. it was fun at first but then once i got out enough cannons it sucked i quit cuz i got bored


very addictive man, nice work.

amazing AI

Your AI blows me away dude.. jesus.. finding flaws in my designs like right off the back.. this is a master piece of trial and error game play, and such a simple basic layout.. good job dude

Uber Ants!

Great game!
It gets a tad repetitive though.
And how does an ant survive 3 flamethrowers, 2 missile launchers, 2 MGs and more crap. lol.

Any ways good job.