Reviews for "Antbuster"


awesome game :D try to make a path once you get to higher levels

way addicting!

i couldnt stop playing and how the cannons upgrade is way cool

Definitely different

The idea of fighting ants is extremely cute! Yet I wish there was more than one weapon. That is a horrible downfall. It would have been neat to incorporate bug spray as a weapon instead of the usual canon. Maybe include a power stomp. It is enjoyable but get's old immediately.


I love this game!! Can you make a sequel? PLZ???

Fun and original

I'm not much for tower defence games, but this is definatly one of my favorites.
Their unpredictable route and the ability to target specific enemies sets this apart from most td games i have tried.

The upgrade system is well done and the difficulty is fair while remaining challenging enough to keep one interested. A very good game!