Reviews for "Antbuster"


Chick Chick BOOM! Love it Love it Love It Awsome

good game

i like it

Very Good!

I do agree that the game requires better and a wider variety of weapons but it has to be the most addicting game I've ever played. Always pushing me to new limits trying thousands of different combinations (I play this game ALOT). What wood be nice is different enemies besides them getting more health. Enemy Ideas: Red Ants (Faster then Black) and Flies (Anti-Air Required). Turret Ideas: Anti-Air Turrets and maybe a Web Turret (AKA Spider Turret that pulls enemy bugs in to it and does damage. With a hold limit that raises everytime you upgrade). Those are just a few ideas.

The Best Defence Ever

I Kick Lots Of Ant Ass

awesome idea

guns are crap, but nice idea