Reviews for "Antbuster"

very nice

great game hope you can make a second with more spae and cannons


This game is perfect, The upgradesystem is perfect, I love the random path,
a bit more diversity in towers
(some to upgrade nearby towers or a cakegenerator)
would be nice. I've got an idea that some towers (ice-towers, barriers) have different functions, but it's hard to figure out what they do untill you bought one, maybe a description :D

Stupid ants stole my cake

Once you progress the game gets a lot harder. I like how you can upgrade your weapons and how they can vary in what they do.

"Ill get those ants one day!"

Well done

this is one of those tower defense game I end up playing weekly, very well done, upgrades are awesome, so many tree branch effect upgrades, same with the way you can stack them up to upgrade each other, graphics are sweet simple and straight to the point, the gameplay is pretty standard, but its the basic gameplay added with all these towers that make it great. But if you do make a sequal, make it so there are more than just 'ants' maybe have like different bugs, and maybe like every 20 level's or so there is a boss, like a giant ant or beetle or something, overall excellent game, 10/10 5/5
Level 72, 14772 points, Boo-yaa


Pretty good, but does get boring after about round 20, now I'm one for customization, but I think the turret upgrades were too complicated.