Reviews for "Antbuster"


I deff like the way the ant run around randomly it makes them seem real!

Addicting as crack

Fun and special gameplay mechanics, dozens types of towers, and funny setting, this game is awesome!

Good game. :)

That's a very good game, but if only you could display the tech tree in the Help or Instructions, then it's easier for us to choose which weapons to go when we tech up. :)


-Try to create a "barrier" of cannons around the anthill. The ants will get confused and go back and forth.

-The most powerful upgrade is the laser. The upgrade path is: Quick Cannon; Sniper Cannon; Laser Cannon.

Hope it helps!

Great game, btw.

god and all but

some time you will lose just becase the ants level up soo fast and every time you buy a tower her price gets more biger and some thig hapened to me after the ants take all of the cake dint say cake over