Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


there are a lot of glitches in this. I started losing immense amounts of help, up to 13k, and started gaining immense amount of money at random. Something of your code loops itself so far that it takes health and gives money instead of taking money and giving health.


It was alright, but it got repetitive after awhile - its tough to make a defense game that doesn't get repetitive, though. I also ran into a glitch where my auto-repair gave me tons of money instead of slowly draining it. To test it, I repaired all my armor, then bought extra. When I went to the next level, it kept giving me money until the auto repair stopped - I had over a million. The next time I tried it, it didn't happen. You should fix this, as the game was pretty fun until I had enough money to make myself invincible.

glitches to the max

it's so glitchy. i played the infinite mode and at like lvl 3 i got almost 1 million Andstroms somehow. I was only able to buy one of each weapon. would have gotten a 10 but i will still give it an 8. Please please please fix it.

wait huh

wait huh suddenly the game ended does anybody no y but still nice game

Nice game

Needs some kind of auto turret function, great music, especially F$&%in groove. 8/10