Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


what a lame game.Mone came so easy. I agree with the guy below me, different weapons should have their own upgrades. Best part of the game was the main menu. It was bad ass.

It was....

it was ok money glitch took the fun out of it
ya like what kiper1 said
more upgrades

all in all nice graphics smooth gameplay
nice details on enemies


Look at all the moneys! Fix that bug. Also, more than one upgrade for each type of gun (like in the first Imminent) would be nice.

eaasy game but lots of fun

wen u said immeniant defeat u really meant it id liek to see immenient 3?

Good but glitchy

Whenever it was time for a boss battle i never saw one but lots several 1000 hp and gained like 1mil. ON lvl 37 i got down to -3376 hp. Fun but better if glitches fixed