Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


at lvl 26, i suddently just had 0 Hp, and die'd for no reason

Fun :D

Was fun, spent a good hour playing it.

As everyone has said before be... the money bug.. while making it raep, every time a certain unit spawned, the one that when killed left the blast mark and fire, would start tearing away at your health like crazy while your money skyrocketed, allowing you to buy everything, and get about 60k health by the third level, and so taht every time new upgrades were abound, you could get them right away.

im going to have to go with no

not a bad game, but its way too slow. not enough action at all and i dont know if there was a glitch in the game or something but by the 6th or 7th level i had like a million dollars and every weapon. id say that this game needs major work.


money bug needs to be fixed other wise its great

Pretty Good

You should probably fix the Money bug
I got a bug (maybe) where there were NO UNITS SPAWNING!
so you should probably look into that.

Otherwise the game was great!
I especially liked the music selection