Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


this game is good, but alot of the spread weapons arent useful till later on, early only the straight shooters are useful

also the glitch where money doesnt stop coming (is it a glitch?) got me to over 2 million (whatever the monetary unit is) in seconds....several times
otherwise it was great


this was really fun and i love the thing to where you keep getting money like it dosent stop rising (if its a glitch KEEP IT XD)

Lots of glitches

There are tons of glitches in this game like your money going up rapidly or your health going down will there was no one around. And my health hit -120 before i blew up. Otherwise a great game.

Nice Game, but

I think I just hit a glitch on easy mode in victory, where my money suddenly shot up like hell for no reason. I wasn't even killing and I was getting crazy cash, hitting about 2 mil.

Not saying it's a bad glitch, it's just weird. Just wondering if it was meant to be there.

U need to fix it.

It is a good game and all, but there is a lot of glitches in it. Sometimes it would make u stop buying weapons, there is the money glitch (no problem with that XP) but there is a glitch with an enemy, there is one where when u kill it, it drops your life by like 2000. Just now there was a glitch that made my Life constantly drop for no reason.