Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

same glich

i was on easy when it happened to me


yo twitchy5. i had it to. i was on unlimeted easy when i killed an allertillery guy.

really cool!

Really awsome, but i has some glithes in it just likePureMalice said "there are a lot of glitches in this. I started losing immense amounts of help, up to 13k, and started gaining immense amount of money at random. Something of your code loops itself so far that it takes health and gives money instead of taking money and giving health."

to cool for the web!!

this game is f'ing aswome!!

so many upgrades and not enough enemies ...
pls do a third...

Great... but

Hey great game I LOVED your first one and this is just an improvement!!. Anyways theres a glitch where I killed an artillery guy and it just kept giving me money... I'm at 70 million right now....(I like it :D 1 million armor :D) its on the unlimited medium one. Anywas I hope you fix it and are succesful in your upcoming games. Great!!