Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

counting kills!!!

love the head count.

Amazing just wow

I watched all five bunnykill and this ones my favorite


But y'know, in the final battle while Smoke was still alive, there were parts where I wasn't sure whether Snowball was either shaking his head in pain or due to the vast similarity of the duel being related to Star Wars.


the doom machine knows how to make his entrace but his exit was cool(SING:Careful falling robots)

awesome dude

me: *watches this*
me: ,,Hey the last part is from STAR WARS´´
me: *goes to Youtube*
me: *imputs ,,soundtrack-Duel of the fates´´*
me: *goes to the last part*
me: *plays the song*
me: ,,Yeah this is better´´