Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


I wish I had a single mote of your talent. Why aren't you famous yet?


Wow... you made that with flash 5?
you are so f-ing good...
you should make more.

Mottis responds:

Yeah I'm using Flash 5 because for some reason the newer flash programs don't work properly on my computer. As soon as I get far in the animation, the program starts to slow down for no obvious reasons. Not only that but I've also got used to the flash 5 interface.

Oh, and I am making more.

Best one yet.

It been a while since I saw the other ones but this one is defentily the best. The enitre movie was smooth and flowed well. There were a lot of diversity in the action, switching between sword & gun, different attacks, I like the scence where the bunny attacks his two friends and then takes off his disguise. Overall, a good movie.

Nice work

You shouldn't excuse yourself, being in the military then you have every reason to have this flash delayed espesially when it is made FBF (Frame by Frame) I hope i will see more in the future of your work, couse your style with flash is unique (in my opinion) So i will see you in the future! Or perhaps i will see you.