Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


It wus sick and stuff but i feel sad for the other guy i liked him better too. Nice ending :D. Hope theres more to come

Best of the series

exemment series and a great episode.

loved the new badies and wepons, over all exellent flash


This is deffinately the best animated flash i have ever seen!!!

kinda like Madness

at the end I was just sad the series ended, but when I saw the extra scene after the credits I was thinking "or is it?"

Yes, theres an extra scene after the credits, for people who hope th eBunnykill series to go on, watch it

Mottis responds:

No, the series didn't end here, but if you read the description, you would know that the next Bunnykill movie will have nothing to do with this one story-wise.

Took Long Enough. But Alas, Bunny Kill 3 is here.

_I've been waiting for Bunny Kill 3, volume 2 for quite a while now. Before I was quite keen and was looking forward to it, but it wasn't being released. Soon enough, I was forced to think you quit your BunnyKill series. But I was proven wrong.

_One unique thing I liked was the counter, where it showed how many bunnies Snowball killed. Hard to believe one little white bunny took down all those killer rabbits.

_I must say I was disappointed when the trilogy ended. I was hoping you would do more, but then I realized that would sort of ruin the whole "Bunny Kill" image.

_Very good drawings and background work.

-REViEWED gives this a 10/10.

Mottis responds:

And no, the series didn't end here.
I'm already working on Bunnykill 4