Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"

Annother funny addition to the series!

I really am loving this series. Its got both subtle and obvious humor and it always squeezes a laugh out of me!

Good job with this flash and the whole series

Have a Nice Day!

omg u r have a goood wone ther

that was pretty funny guys. good job.


very good! it shows how the incorrect spelling can really seem funny. im not the best speller i admit but WOW i couldn't understand a damn thing being asked. Very Good u r on my fav already and i love thw whole series. Keep THem Comming

Great sound...

I like your ideas and sound intensity. It seems real, plus the frame by frame animation is cool too. Great job.

"...other humane sounds..."

l"...other humane sounds..." ove it. always loved this series...and the ask nobodies idea is excelent... keep up the good work.