Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"


Zappp, whooosh. Good job guys, this series is very funny although I liked your last one about the sassy e-mail. Anyways I vote 4.

I cantt Rght Goo Too

i h4te whn peolpe cant spll very goo it upstes me and drives me crazy. noobs need to learn how to spel crectaly and learn not make fun of other poples mistakes.


I could tell you made this in about an hour or so, it's just oen graphic tweened and a voice clip. if someone else not famous ong NG posted it would get around a 3.00, NOT a 4.26

I liek dis car22n becuz it wuz teh greatest

i thought this best car22n was best than the other car22ns.


what the guy before me was trying to say was the the person who wrote you this was a fucking moron...