Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"

shorter then the others

keep it up :)


That guy has got to feel real dumb right about now.

(Would have given 10 for sound, but there was one too many "Whoosh" sounds made)


Teh asked usd plenty good vocibulairian Y ist ever1 make fon of teh peelp that ax question thay half things peelp want ax Y peelp make teh of fun ti maix me think TN is juts dum Y can peelp knot ax the question

<3 well done

the man's got a point

There wasn't a single question mark in that whole email. Or any other piece of punctuation. So Calvin, next time, try using some nice periods or commas, and a question mark or two so that we know when to breathe and wheather you're making a statement or asking a question.

Proper punctuation can be fun!

yes yeeesss

nice way to punk another dooooooosh bag. and you guys are still the best NG has to offer