Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"


OTHER HUMANE SOUNDS! Genius keep answering dumb peoples mail!


Like many others, it's not as funny as I expected.
However, it's pretty funny, especcially the credits.

Good but too short.

It's not as good as 4, but not bad. It's not new how many people on the internet fail completely at the English language.

Wow, talk about overated

I was expecting something to happen after the letter was read, but it just ends?
Why didn't you make it a bit longer and add some more jokes?

Current status:ROFL

You guys are so funny!
i love evrything you do!
i loved the "this guy spells worse than you do!" "fuck you!"
just the way that the f u was off (not of) in the distance...
P.S 10 sound for the whooooshes and zapppppps