Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"

hehehehehe funny

that was hilarious... Not really much more to say


my brain is throbbing from trying to read along and hearing that message. By god that was atrocious in so many aspects that blood may shoot from my ears. Great flash, and very weird messages. Hope to see more of them soon.

LOLZ.. ur so awsum. ;P

Eye dun no wot u r mean, teh speling off that leter waz gud.

Heh heh, after reading enough fan mail like that, I'm sure you can believe that the USA has a literacy rate of something like 70% now. It was over 90% in the days when most people still worked on farms and the only electricity you had in your house was the static you got shocked with when you scuffed your feet on the carpet and touched a doorknob... or the occaisional lightning strike! People are stupid. >:P


God, I hate when people type like that! It's SOOO annoying! You guys are hilarious, keep up the good work!


... dint you show chris playing LoZ 1 in episode 3? ya know right after he lit david's hands on fier...