Reviews for "Ask Nobodies 5"

Very clever and humorous

this describes quite a few people in today's society, i truly enjoyed this episode of "Ask Nobodies"
isn't strange when people who have very few, if any redeeming qualities attempt to ridicule you on what they perceive to be a flaw in your character or personality yet in reality that flaw does not exist and is in truth a projection of the others personality onto yourself.
the reason that the person wrote you accusing you of these things is because he himself has those problems, he percieves that your character has a similar behavior to his own and he believes that because of this they are essentially the same kind of person. he is unsatisfied with himself so he lashes out at you/your character trying to make himself feel better. interesting isnt it? the reason people act in strange ways can be explained with psychology

my personal review: Four out of Five Pyromaniacs with Flamethrowers


That was funny

Wasn't bad...

But it's overrated. A lot. It seemed like not much effort was put into this. I thought it was okay, but...that's it? Kinda dissapointing.


U GUYS ARE SUPERS i have watched the seris sense the first tn thats looks like microsoft paint. Anywho yall own . I give this a 5 out of 5 on the sensitive sammy the snake scale.


Love this series. <3