Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

{{{ AWESOME }}}

This was great. Graphics were great, storyline great, nothing bad/unsuitable for anyone whatsoever. One problem was the voice of the duck was a little bit quiet. Everything else was perfect.

lovin it

its great its interesting i mean an Nintendo mascot interviewing other Nintendo characters im lovin it bugsys nervous as hell i think just by looking at him he looks a bit shaky ya know and throwback
is quite funny to and whats with the china man hah anyway the best characters in this episode are the chinaman bugsy and throwback

that was a good movie r u gonna make ep. 2

man that movie was good the only prob is u need to get ineractivity in it but it was good

its sad you had to put that into 2 parts..

* continuied review* But i liked it. I cant wait to see more!. teh assasination atempt seemed odd but ill let you explain it o me in later episodes. Keep up the good work.

Is there any chance this ever gets a second episode?