Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Very nice start to a very promising series.

Looks like we'll have a new classic too look forward to! The story-line is an intriguing and well thought out one, despite the side trips.

Just one question though: Why Bubsy? Of all the classic gaming legends you went for Bubsy? :P

David-Gornoski responds:

Remember, Throwback's brand new on the journalist job. He's not going to be getting the best of the best of the veterans right off the bat.

He's gotta pay his journalistic dues.

Nice job...

Two thumbs up for the looks. Smooth animation and well-thought characters made this one (both pts A&B) a joy to watch. The pissed-of asian guy did'nt make any sense at all though. And LOVING it.

Waiting this to go on.

Very Good.

This is about TV quality; you should create s'more episodes, put them into a profile, and then submit them to some TV station.

Also, to Theomylad (person before me): Mario's been around longer than link; of COURSE he's over Link's poster.

...however, Samus would have been over both of them by your method, due to her pure awesomeness. </fanboy>


friggin awsome! ok being serious. your small series are very good. a duck searching for the missing videogame legends. i like the plot you used for the series. it deserves a perfect 10 and a vote of 5

good stuff

to bad he only made 3 episodes of this back in 05. Could have been a real decent series.