Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"


I am so glad you had a bubsy cameo, that owned! I love him! Also the animation was superb! That whole angry asian bit though was kind of lame/stereotypical. But A good cartoon for sure non the less!

David M.

very good

but not great. I don't really get it all that well. I am following the series, but I really don't get the long drawn out angry oriental guy bit. I guess it might mean more if I was into computer games.
Hopefully it will make more sense later on.

needs improvement

the animation was great and it felt like a mainstream television cartoon accept the voice acting for the duck was poor and thus the whole ting suffered all i could focus on was that the duck sounded really slow and retarded lol

not bad

I can't wait to see the next episode. As far as critiques, the characters need a little bit more personality, they all seem a little bland, animation and sound were good, great job overall.

Very nice!!!!!!!

Very nice but could use some work. very nice though.