Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Mad Asian Guy

Dude! What the heck is that asian guy's problem?!?

Nice work by the way, bubsy has been one of my favorite games as well.


Wow! That was insane.


I love it!....... is throwback just a made up character from you or is/was he a nintendo game fer real?
Oh and for the guy before me bubsy is acually from the game.... "Bubsy" how do i know? Because i have a snes myself and i have...or had not sure....Bubsy... in it you go around as bubsy (Big suprise) collecting yarn balls and stuff and trying not to die from cars water falling pianos so on so forth why? I have no idea. Great job man i love it!


An Excellent conclusion to the first ep.

The animation is awesome, great culture references and jokes, although there was one that bothered me.

Hey, it's been about nearly over a year, when is the next ep gonna come out? I wanna see more!


great! really funny too... lol assasination attempt on bubsy...