Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

You know what?

...Your style is so slick and professional, I think folks tend to review it as though they were reviewing a hot-shot TV show.
That you could have people believe this was even touching the same production standards is extremely rare.
So don't you dare listen to the critics. Just keep up the amazing work!

Ah Bubsy. Yet another legend-in-the-make who couldn't cut it in the thorny world of 3D... Maybe he and Earthworm Jim could get together and reminisce.

Very Nice

This is for parts A and B.

Throwback the Duck is indeed a breath of fresh air on Newgrounds. Its safe for work, has some humor, and looks great.

Throwback the character, however, is a little corny. Or maybe thats personality.

Hmmm... who whould want to whack Bubsy, the infamous 90's VG train wreck?

Hey Hey.

I would love for you to put Subtitles in the next episode.

Please make more!!

Outstanding... I need to see more!

LOVE iT <3