Reviews for "Remove Police"

lol awesome

this is a cool song!!! put link for it must have song!! 1lolz good job keep up the good work.


It not bad for your first try at it. Had a nice beat to it and graphics were good. Keep it up and you ll be a pro soon.


Its true. we should remove the Authority.
But if the goverment saw this, they would track you down and reprogram you, to be a "happy little worker drone"

awesome, and well-done

Heh, I normally don't even bother with these music videos... but this one isnt the same as other this one is different, not the same as whats usually what I see submitted. Its even your first flash. Congratulations on already making front page with this song.

Holy cow...

That kicked ass! I've watched it about 5,000 times now and probably won't stop until 1,000,000. Truly amazing work. Excellent Job! Bravo!