Reviews for "Remove Police"

DONT walk along. There IS something to see here.

Im not in favor of removing government sanctioned law enforcers, HOWEVER I am totally in favor of removing current governments.

I also think most law enforcers are quite useless to say the least. Here in Holland we got police crawling all over shopping centers and friendly neighbourhoods, but there aint a single blue shirt in the areas where people get molested and mugged regularly. I guess the police dudes figure those areas too dangerous to patrol.

BUT no offense to the law officers that do good work, like homicide detectives. Those guys are actually doing something USEFULL.
Its just that the only cop that most people will get into contact with are the cynical and frustrated goones that care only for getting their quotum of fines. With that kind of representation who can wonder about peoples attitude to the police?

I really liked the song (and the video)

Where can I get the song from?

great song :O

the song was fucking great ! i really really really like it.
the movie itself thoug wasent that entertaining. since it was mostley the same you saw over and over again. but the graphics where nice thoug ^^

UltraSheriff responds:

Thank you! I made it repetative on purpose since that`s usually the way music videos are, and also I feel it fits the song well since it is a bit repetative as well. Also the file doesn`t get too big. And I`m a lazy bastard:) But I see your point, I guess it all comes down to a matter of taste really.
Always nice to get some constructive criticism:)

I agree.

I have nothing better to do right now.

Great work for a first flash, great song too.

Only thing is that people believe police should be removed, sure they are annoying and immature but sadly you also need them. Without police crime rates would skyrocket and infact most likely turn us into a third world country with war going on in our towns, citys, states, whatever. Sure, I personaly hate police because they will try to take away your rights given to you and exploit any rule they can. All they want to do is find a reason to get payed most of the time, they don't care if you have an excuse once you let them get away with exploiting you. Think it is legal for them to force you to get out of the car? Not without visual evidence enough to have the right to, step out of the car and lock the door and speak to an officer. As for me, I had an ignorant cop trying to say my friend called herself my "girlfriend" once when she said she was my brother's ex... kinda pathetic how low some go.

Enough ranting tho, most police are dicks while some can be cool... any of them who believe they ARE the law and can do whatever need to be removed, not the ones who understand what they need to do.