Reviews for "Remove Police"

Wow, this cool musicvideo is now over 9 years old... damn I'm getting old. I just remember it as it was just a few weeks ago that it was posted on NG.

I like this. It reminds me of Real Mccoy Run Away. So it's been a long time I've heard a song like this.

LOL i think this song is just badass ;)
Well done dude :)

Oh and about the flash..it harms the police only but they do deserve it so the fact that fills nothing but the goodness deeds.Although the sound was best in all it...
But let's admit that i enjoy very much the whispy vocals and also that destructive backround between all these things a little too :d

I can't stand rating stuff by being it posted firstly by the way.This music clip rocks anyway man!

I was tempted to watch this movie several times as the police abused their powers, charged the crowds and massively arrested people during this Spring's otherwise peaceful protests in the streets of Quebec.
Even now, it is a powerful outlet for our repressed feelings (of course, I do not share all of the singer's feelings) and I have to thank you for that! Great Flash for a first animation, by the way. It impressed me a lot when I viewed it for the first time five years ago.


If you remove the police, who's gonna save my grandma from the robbery's!!? Good movie and song.