Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

ok... ?

I did not completely spot anything that was either funny, art-ish or worthy of my 5 minutes.. but thats just wat I spotted.. im sorry dude, but i just dont have that type of humor. gl further, man.


Brilliant, sir. Simply brilliant. There's something about the slurpee scene that makes me laugh every time I see it. Too bad so many others cannot grasp the simple glory of this work. 5/5.


no joke u musta been blazed and bored, good one.

Not bad.

I can't say it was my favourite flash of all time, but entertaining nonetheless. The way it was animated was very original(to Newgrounds anyway) and the whole concept was neat. But it could have made more sense, and maybe a little more animation, and little less pictures from Google. Keep up the good work. By the way, the cat. Was awesome!

sick nuts

that was freakin awesome... i nearly wet my self laughing... totally awesome dude