Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

I dont understand.

Whats it about, a car chase, a cat,a chubby cop, and a big gulp? Perhaps some color would have made it better, but it was over before i really got to understand. Seek to make more, but perhaps make em longer .

TremcladClock responds:

Probably had you read my commentary, you would have known that this is the sequel to an other film. You can't exactly make sense of this one without seeing the other one first.

It was ok

Overall, I didnt really like the movie, but the dance at the end was humorous.. There should be color as well.. Without it, it just says.. This is gonna be boring >.<... =P


wow that was sooooooo great! with the cat in the end and everything :D hahahaha!!!!

Just thought I would share this...

I spit Pepsi alover my keyboard when the guy/girl or whatever it was got its head knocked off by the mailbox. Such a subtle bit of comedy made me laugh my ass off. great movie you guys. 4/5


brilliant i love it! this style of aminamtion is great! well done!