Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"


now do a flash starring me, i pay you a dime


That was pointless, crazy, out of relevance of anything and plain random... AND I LOVE IT LOLZORZ XD XD XD XD

Great graphics, lots of fps in it right?

Unique and random

I really liked the style in this one. It was very unique. And it wasn't that funny, but the randomness got a snicker out of me. lol


Omg this guy hasn't changed his look in like what? 5 years ? xD


Back when i was 13 i made a small quick vid using flash and pics from my digit camera a kinda of cartoon flick using my friend's faces placed on bodies i drawed using Photoshop.

i gotta say mate , I'm 23 today and that video just reminded me of it.

it ain't more diffrent then looking at a kid's drawing the classic stick figures and saying "Wow! amasing work tommy! your a great artist" follow me? nothing personal don't get me wrong its cute..but...not exciting.