Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

Quite random, i lurved it <3

Was the "You have cured me of the AIDS" scene a reference to the rape epidemic going on in africa? If so, it was very clever! good job :)


I was that failed drop of sperm that was shot down my mothers cunt.

10/10. One of my favorites of all time on NG.

You must be insane.

The frequent tangents and unpredictable plot twists kept me entertained the whole way through. I love this style of art, and the dual montage part was pretty sweet. You might want to work on you're audio though; it crackles in a few parts.

That was so messed up.

The part before the load screen was a bit hypnotizing. The actual Flash was frigging insanem I mean like massive amounts of pot and acid insane. Really funny, and really freaking wierd.


that was probably the weirdest flash I've ever seen.... Totally Faaacking Ausome