Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

perfect all the way

you deserve a freakin medal man! well done!


Get out of my dreams and into my favorite submissions file i dont know what the hell i just saw alls i know was it changed my life.
Keep em' comin

i cried... i laughed.. i shit my pants...

dude so many emotions yet such little tourrettes f*** S*** c*** boooooooooob... in other words i giv u A+++++ for exellent flash dude


U make some crazy flash man, but its good. I have your LSD DMT in my favorites. this one will not go into my favorites but i still liked it very much. good job and make some more farked up flash.

Nice :D

This movie was frken amazing lol, the music was great and i loved the intro, and that was the best part of this movie :D. Also the retarded seans are hilarious!