Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"



A nice very random cartoon by my favorite flash artist. This time you really used length which was nice to see. Also you showed off your kick-ass frame by frame skills. The humor was hilarious, the whole concept of having a character with tourettes is hilarious. also Yotam did a great job with voices on this one.

~good points~
Great FBF show
A nice story
Great voice acting
Nice story line
great concepts
Excellent drawings
Good animation

~things to improve on~
Scene change were a bit too abrupt



The best random flash i've seen.

Totally WTF!?!

...What...the ...fuck...

I dont know what just happened but it was cool and freakin wierd at the same time.

Loved it!

I started viewing and thought "Geesh, some crappy old fashioned Christmas crap..." but it all went wild ! Really good use of randomness without being stupid. You could try not making the harsh changes of volumes cause it can get a bit annoying. Good job

Really Good!

Yup..this is absolute genius. I especially like lilorphan boys sudden outbursts of obscenities. Lol-titfu**,wehl fu**, and pa-pa-plazenta!!!!