Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

You got LazyMuffin and mrSimon for this! Awesome, I love those guys! I've never seen them collaborate like this. At first, I thought this was going to be a heartwarming cartoon. Of course it wasn't! The animation was as good as ever.

I thought something went wrong with my laptop. It was just part of the cartoon! I see what you did there too. Hey "Super Smash Bros" has everyone else nowadays! Overall, a very funny and creative flash.

This is classic newgrounds right here , me and my friend try to watch this one around christmas time every year we love it that much shame that the java update has messed up some of the scenes in it


hella freaken hilarios :D

Fond Memories

I remember this from a long time ago

Such a high quality flash with a lot of fun humor and it really reflects the personality of Newgrounds and it's community.

I wish I knew where you got those remixed songs in the credits because it bothers me that I can't find them.


If you would have continued it and added in a boom, boom. boom. boom. to it, it would have been awesome!!! Still sweet thought, worth 10/10 and 5/5 in my book! I even favorited this because it is extremely catchy!