Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"


Obviously your idea of a plot is relatively different from the common perception. This was only slightly less random and silly than your other entries. Whcich isn't to say this isn't good. It's awesome. Laughed pretty consistently throughout. Also noticed the little appearance of Santa Goldman from Sqeezy Steals Christmas. It was quite a jarring cut and for a second I was all like "Whaaa??" then I realised what it was.

Nice work.


D: the bit with jesus was soo sad poor guy

You have won.

5/5 Favorited.

During the first few seconds, I was like "Does he realize he can play with the kids without parents?" and then...well, yeah, some more stuff develop.

I'd say close to the perfect flash.

wow just wow

that was just pure awsome

This is your idea of a plot?

Wow. I can't wait to see your other movies. The two movies I have seen of yours are both fucking AWESOME, you truly are a great flash animator.