Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"


love your style


it was really funny. i actually have a weak case of toretts syndrom.

well keep up the good work.

Sqeezy responds:

Do you lick your finger and rub it on people, objects or whatever is around?

That's a damn awesome tick.


Some jokes reek of /b/ and SomethingAwful.

Specifically "A Challenger Appears", "In the Pooper", etc. I love it, though.

so much randomness!!!

that was completely random but it has a storyline... IT WAS GREAT!

God I love random.

I never would've thought that anybody would make a flash about a psyco kid in a wheelchair sending a letter to santa claws who ends up fighting his black arch enemy in a SSMB fight while jesus awaits people to come to his party.

In otherwords: That was sh*tf*cking awesome.