Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

Would be 10/10...

But why did you have to use racial slurs?! I subtracted 3 from your score for racism.

Sqeezy responds:

Nahh this is no racism.
You people need to get a grip and get over your Gymnophobia
and realise again what truly IS funny.

Because inside you know all those things are a comedy goldmine.

Perfect ten, why not?

I followed your instructions, smoked a joint and baked some pie. It started of really slowly, and quite annoying. But this story turned out to be damn funny with some of the best sound effects I've ever heard. Some strange random pictures thrown in to make it more trippy. Great work lad, make some more of this halucitive (sumtin') stuff.


Favorite Part:


well fuck.

everybody dies. that seems to be your overall theme doesnt it? good man.

What an evolution!

I've been watching your animations on Newgrounds from the beginning and I gotta say, that one was one of the very best I've seen yet. Definitely improved a great deal from the first ones, although these were already fine. I like your style, go on with it.