Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

oh my god that was soo funny.

the wheelchair, when it rolled it was playing they see me rolling. that was one of the funniest things i have seen in ages, and what the hell is up with santam i know what he is bootylicious LOL!!! i loved that crazy crap well done mate!


that was a great flash my friend, genius. it sort of reminded me of requiem for a dream for some reason, greeaaat job with the sound, i must say. fastest 10 minutes of my life

What the HELL Was that?

no sense at all. Maybe im just being harsh but what the hell nothing is related well the only part i really gave a crap about was the sants Claus and Negro claus fight HA! I didnt lol or giggly though so it is not guarenteed!!!

Sqeezy responds:

You couldnt laugh because you just simple didn't understand.

Minus points for youz.

great man

the music was intergrated awsomely... make more!

W-T-F was that?

That was PRETTY fuck3d up...

I was expecting something good as I heared the Chamillionaire song, but, after that, it was nothing but a pile of random nonsense. I like random violence...but random violence on X-mas? Like I said, this is PRETTY fuck3d up. AND racist (like someone said before). Plot? What plot? Nop, I didn't like it...at all.

Only thing that I thank about was the music (Chamillionaire bit d that Enya/Sarah Brightman song at the end. That's all).

Sqeezy responds:

That means that you're dumb ;O