Reviews for "Little Orphan Boy"

Praise for sum nutty stuf

This thing was cray as s#$t It wasn't the best thing I've ever seen or even make sense for that matter, but I love Dr. House and stuff that is uber nuts.

Its alright.

I think i liked LSD better, it seemed like a more challenging movie to make and to watch. Making fun of disabled kids is an easy way out, LSD was more of a wellplanned mindfuck.

I liked the beginning of this movie, and then it sort of spirals out into a collage by the end of it making it hard to follow along. The sounds are very fitting and well thought out. Voice acting was also well done.

The artwork seemed to take alot of shortcuts some very noticeable. I know you were racing against the clock but usually this isnt something you want the viewer to readily notice. Its stuff that as an animator you sort of deal with behind the scenes and as far as the user is concerned he has no clue and assumes this is how you wanted to make it all along.

It was ok, or maybe i just had high expectations after the bar was set with LSD.
your friend,


I love you

best. flash. ever.


This one goes straight to my favlist :D

- Sound - great
- Graphics: Intense, greatly drawn, love your style
- Humour: RANDOM! :D



What could be better than making fun of handicaps?