Reviews for "FB crosses the street"


And the legend of Fat Badger lives on.


That was really good! According to the previous poster, you stole this though. Im not saying that you did, but if you did, dont go posting other peoples work. Thats just wrong. But, again, Im not accusing you of theft.

keicho responds:

i made all the animation, check my other animations and compare styles.

Great Work

Fat Badger is usually boring for me, but i opened it up and I was suprised! Superb animation, sound was ok, and it was actually kind of funny at the end. I did not expect this but i was wrong.
Keep up the awsome work!!
Andrew Paliwoda

LOL angry sun >:O

The grphics were a little werid but the concept was funny..why does the badger look like a retard i thoght the lemmings were natures retard lol

That was GREAT!

The graphics weren't superb, but that was freakin hilarious, the music change helped a lot too, really funny animation! More! More!