Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

ooookey thats something..

LOL! that was a litlle funny.. but not much. But it was a well done flash.. some of it. Keep up the god work! :D

It's kinda boring...


I think you could improve the humor and use a better story, once you have style and do a great work on the violent part.


Im sorry maybe this isnt my type of flash but i think this peice was... well... it sucked. i didnt realize fat anything sunk into thier feet when they walk and were fat enough to waddle so horribly. And how did the old man all of a sudden become macho and have the strength to try and beat on the oversized ugly badger who seemed to out of nowhere grow muscles and lose his flab? And the ending could have been played out instead of words....wheres the fun in reading? Nice try though

keicho responds:

age: 32
sense of humor: 0

1 for effort

graphic is worse,the animation is stupid and the characters are draw poor,sorry but this is bad.