Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

Hahaha FB

FB has always been epic from the day his flashes were born lol.

Front page as usual : )


IT'S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE MADE FUN OF FAT BADGER.....I hate him....thanks this flash rocked

The best of fat badger

This flash submission was amazing on its own merits. The animation, the graphical quality, and the humor of fat badger. But up until this movie, i had thought that FB was a plague of retarded disturbing "animations" barely passing as flash movies. This has made pending my current judgement of FB, and i hope to see much more work like this with fat badger. Please guys make more good quality flash, you and your character have the potential to rise from your infamy. At this time, this is the on FB flash that i wouldnt blam the crap out of.


Uhh ohh! Some one get the duck tape cause I laughed my ass off! Yes that was good...

Really damned funny.

Fluid animation, epic story, great music. Definitely a winner. That rockin music during the fight scene though, whats it titled? (Should really put music credits somewhere at the end so it doesn't drive me crazy)

keicho responds:

The title is "Martial Arts" by Royal Hunt. Its a superb track, short and sweet.