Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

It's funny and it's true

I swear that happened to me one time


^^Good Points^^
A very good movie from you FB. The graphics were much better than most of your movies. The shading was great, and you put so much detail in here, it was almost scary. Fat Badger has never looked fatter! I liked the music throughout, the changing music was cool and both songs fit well. The ending was perfect too. Diahrrea....terrible.

^^Needs Improving^^
Could definitely use some more sound effects in this. Basically the music was all that was in this movie.

wow, caught me off guard

usually, anything with fat badger sucks....and that's as nicely as I can put it. It's usually in a loop doing something that's funny for the first ten seconds, and then it looses it's luster. I actually liked this one. I was expecting the old tired joke that he will get run over or something, but I didn't expect him to get in a fight with an elderly man.....nicely done....4/5


there was no need to tell that you made it, not fat badger, everyone who watched at least one of i
his "flash animations" would know that there is no way for FB to put into animation plot/humor/quality
anyway, fairly good flash but as for me just slightly above average(6) but thanks to that ending i give you 7 points overall
and of course, i forgot to tell you that choice of music is great

god i hate fb

however nice animation+ending lol

pd: maybe just me keicho but i think u shoul explore more colors... the ones u use kinda i dun like.
Try using more living colors