Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

only 1 problem

that wasnt a badger


I think this is the only fat badger animation I like. Usually they're all dumb and pointless, but this one actually had a point to it. If only you would have made more animations like this first, you would be famous! Oh well, you cannot focus on the past. The time is NOW!

I don't know...

I'm not sure if I liked it or not. It was a bit boring but the ending words were funny. It was too random though and I didn't really crack a smile. FB walks in a hell of a funny way though.

Not half bad, but not half good.

Graphics: Okay, well, they weren't that bad, really. The disappointing thing was that you reused a lot of frames instead of drawing new ones - so the graphics weren't bad, but they were repeated a lot. Laziness.
Style: Not bad? It was funny, I suppose.
Sound: Repeated music, but it was audible without being too loud, and the music choices didn't suck completely.
Violence: For some reason, the short fight scene didn't really strike me as 'violent'. It was amusing, though. Not bad.
Interactivity: What interactivity? XD
Humor: Vaguely amusing, even though I don't know what this is referring to. Might just be that I'm out of the loop.
Overall: Funny, but not as good as it could have been. Your animation's good, but don't be so lazy with frames.

keicho responds:

was done during my spare time. Check my animation halloween critters if you are looking for quality.


as much as i hate to say it
FatBadger finally made something even the least bit worth while compared to the mountain of crap that we've seen from him so far.
but this can be a turning point where his talent starts to shine. but if he starts going back to make crap, then it will prove that this was just a fluke.
we of newgrounds will let the future decide

keicho responds:

was done by keicho not fat badger. I only used his character -.-