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Reviews for "J.I.M."

haha so funny dude

love this flash, almost puked, lol no joke. so funny keep up the good work...

funniest movie ever

i almost pissed my pants i was laughing so hard you have to make more of those hilarious movies i loved the dog part "or we'll kill this fucking dog" lol


The humor made up for the not-so-great graphics. The voice acting sounded familiar, like from that Power Ranger flash that was on the protal a while ago.

Sweet Screem'n Jesus! a Masterpiece

I dont know if its that this is a mockery of the "Metal Gear" games, or if its that the Metal Gear games are already a mokery of every action movie ever made it's imposible to seperate your self from that feel. at any rate, top notch work, I think i shall now troll the rest of your stuf, find out your identity, stalk you, then assume your identitiy and there by steel your power. see you REAL soon.


I loved this thing it was amazing I love the Dog part it was funny didn't see it coming. it was such a good animation keep them coming and more like this ...keep the F-bombs flying!