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Reviews for "J.I.M."

Genius, pure Genius

This movie is just hilarious from start to finish, so many funny quotes, me and my friends wil be quotin this for wks now.

Oh and kudo's to egoraptor for a top notch barry scott impression (Barry Scott wot a legend, lol)

Keep up the great work and i'm hopin to see more fantastic flash's in the future.
I've got my eye on you!

This is very fantastic !!!

Omg ! Very amuzing and PERFECT flash, i watched it 4 times at row, make me laught all the time.


Just put on the fuckin' 5s. No doubt about it, this flash is a sign of great things to come from you, lad. Great work, I laughed so hard I peed my pants, then I watched it again in a diaper so I could finish it. Good job, aww hell, GREAT FUCKIN' JOB! Keep at it man, and you will be a NewGrounds legend.


Dude! That what was that? This deserves a...a.... Well! It deserves a better score than it does now!


I loved this, funny as hell!!!
Seriously, you're a genius..And I loved the song in the end! XD
And the general was dumb as fxck lol