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Reviews for "J.I.M."


Nice work , keep it up

Just goes to show...

that you don't need awesome graphics to tell a hilarious story. Plot-lines are underrated. I was lol at the part with the puppy... and the "nuke disguised as a tree"... and the part with BANG. Actually, I thought the whole thing was a comic gem. It's definatley going on my favs.

Wow impressive

I looked in you're reviews and i had not seen a single 0 on this video. do not be surprised though when someone does, because there will always be one person who says something negative.

anyways i thought this movie was fantastic, the story was well written, it was funny, the animation could do a bit more work on though thats all i have to say. so great job man keep up the good work.


I need more! Make more or I'll poke you with a stick or a pine cone or something, and use my mind powers to mess with your car's radio pre-sets! You like spanish news? Cause it's all you'll hear if I don't get more, and soon! I'm sending my army's elite psychic badger ninja division to observe your progress.


Yay! I finally got to watch it without messing up!

LOL great job. It was friggin funny as hell XD