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Reviews for "J.I.M."


that was fuckin hilarious! idiot secret agents are fuckin awesome


even after 2 years this thing is as funny as it was back then. i saw this when it came out on newgrounds but ive finally decided to write a review about it. wow its amazing this thing didn't get even one fucking award. thats bloody unfair. its funnier than alot of stuff that actually gets awards. come on people give a round of applause to Lee for his excellent effort.

-major thumbs up-

If thats really your first animation then thats bloody awesome man =]
Thats funny stuff.. XD i loved it =]
Make another one soon, cuz i'd love to rate that one just as high. Keep up the good work.


Coool, This made me laugh so much..
The dog part was hilarious!

J.I.M 2 Maybe?

Great work man. Really great.

I loved it

Great job! This was great, Ego really helped out a lot. It's amazing how much of a difference voice acting makes in a flash. Awesome job, the script was hilarious. I love the general. Good one!