Reviews for "The Banshee"


this was a little creepy...and flashes usually aren't creepy... but yeah the wind was louder than the women's voice, which kinda annyoed me. I had to turn up the volume really loud, but not too loud, which i don't like doing. But overall good job. I also really like the voice who told the story. It adds a nice touch. Make more of these stuffs please.


It was pretty good except the wind noise was kinda louder than the woman talking. But other than that it was great and kinda creepy.


this was a great animation but the wind noise kept distractin me cos i could hear a tune in it lol


I watched this flash last halloween, and it gave me the chills. I love this very flash very much and other tales from the old country.

its ok

its kinda creepy i guess.
the only reason its on my favs list is tom make me say "wtf"